Commit 22a7e4c6 authored by happyriver's avatar happyriver

Document how to ignore a check-missing-interpolations error

parent 0292664e
......@@ -284,6 +284,14 @@ variables, and not unused ones, use:
i18n-tasks check-missing-interpolations
If a variable is supplied by the source code, not used in the default
locale, but used in locales other than the default locale, this check
will fail even though the code will work correctly. If this is the
desired situation, or part of a work in progress as translations catch
up to changes in the code, the `check-missing-interpolations` test may
be overridden by adding the message key to the
`ignore_missing_interpolations` section of `config/i18n-tasks.yml`.
#### Other things that `i18n-tasks` can do
The `find` command will print out the places a key is used in the
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