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add Ampled to crowdfunding sites

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......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ Recurring payments support ongoing projects or particular teams who continue to
| [Bountysource Salt]( | 10% flat | FLO software | monthly | none | FLO site and all FLO projects | |
| [Open Collective]( | 10%[^open-collective-fee] | any group (but site has software focus) | monthly | none | FLO site | |
| [Tidelift]( | ? | upstream FLO software | monthly? | none | | |
| [Ampled]( | 0%,TBD | music | monthly | emphasized | | (co-op) |
| [Seed&Dew]( | 30% flat | FLO software | monthly | none | | |
| [GitFund]( | **0%** | FLO software | monthly | advertising of sponsorship | FLO site | |
| [Rocket Fuel]( | 10% | music | monthly | required | | |
......@@ -143,6 +144,8 @@ Recurring payments support ongoing projects or particular teams who continue to
**Tidelift** focuses on enterprise (businesses and NGOs) funding the upstream FLO software they depend on. Using [](, they propose to make complex determinations about dependencies and appropriately distribute each enterprise's donations to those projects they utilize most. They do not focus on end-user software for the general public.
**Ampled** is a music-specific patronage co-op with emphasis on artists posting bonus exclusives for patrons. At their initial beta, they take no fees and hope to only have fees be optional donations from artists. Patrons donate a minimum $3/month.
**Seed&Dew** plans a strange algorithmic model. Donors give the system $10/month, software projects get listed, somehow the time donors spend (on documentation?) per project is tracked, and the money (after the 30% cut) allocated proportionally to that.
**GitFund** from Espians (a FLO-focused idealistic organization) does monthly patronage with an emphasis on public marketing of sponsors. They emphasize institutional sponsorships while allowing individual patrons as well. Projects set a *limited number* of high-value sponsorship slots and boldly advertise their sponsors. In essence, this is just the most traditional form of advertising: static reference to generous sponsors put in prominent places in a project's public image. Although all-FLO in its own code, GitFund emphasizes integration with GitHub (which is a proprietary platform). Like and Liberapay, GitFund aims to use its own mechanism for self-funding rather than take a cut from other projects.
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