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## Specs - User Stories
### Understanding this document
Collaboratively creating software presents many challenges, not the least of
which is agreeing on what software is actually being created. This page is a
record of what agreements have been made. It is a **living document**. The rest
of this section will describe its format and contents: namely, user stories.
We try to focus our discussion on individual features by motivating them with
user stories. By using the format, *As a ____, I want ___ so that ____*, we can
have a concrete discussion about *who* is using the feature, *what* it provides,
and *why* it is useful. Deciding on a user story is only the first step, of
course, and can certainly be contentious in its own right. We can always return
to it, however, to reign in lengthy and far-ranging tangents while collaborating
on future plans.
The user stories for the website are grouped under the page on which the relevant
feature exists. This is just for ease of lookup. User stories define which pages
exist—not the other way around.
### User Stories -
#### / (Welcome page)
- As a visitor, I want to read an introduction to the website so that I can
familiarize myself with the platform and its goals.
- As a wannabe patron, I am directed to /payment-info as the next step in
the process so that I can quickly get involved.
#### /how-it-works
- (Rationale) As a visitor, I want to read an introduction to the mechanism
so that I can familiarize myself with how it works and what will happen
when I make a pledge.
#### /about
- (Rationale) As a visitor, I want to read a description of the ORGANIZATION (i.e. in the guise of the entity that runs
the platform) so that I can learn about the people who run the website and how they operate.
#### /p/snowdrift
- As a visitor, I wanto to see information about the project's goals and
purpose so that I can decide if I want to support it.
- As a visitor, I want to see the crowdmatch status for the
PROJECT (i.e. in the guise of a project on the platform: /p/snowdrift) so
that I can understand the effect of adding my pledge.
- As a user, I want a pledge button on the project page so that I can
become a patron.
- As a patron, I want an unpledge button on the project page so that I can
unpledge if I no longer think the project needs my support.
#### /dashboard
- (Rationale) As a patron, I want to see an overview of my pledges so that
I feel in control of my impact and contributions.
- As an early-stage patron, I want to see a history of crowdmatches with
totals so that I can track the progress towards the first donation
#### /payment-info
- As a user, I want to read an explanation of the payment-info process, so
that I know what purpose it serves and what the next steps will be.
- This explanation is self-contained, but also follows from the text on
the welcome page.
- As a user, I want to be notified when a page uses proprietary javascript
so that I know has made an intentional compromise.
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