Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • accounting
    Management of financial accounts
  • design
    Visual design and assets
  • designux
    User experience and interface interaction
  • dev
    Main site development
  • devfrontend
    Main site frontend development
  • devsecurity
    Issues about authorisation and authentication components
  • devtools
    Main site build scripts and repl
  • fundraising
    Grants and other funding sources
  • good first issue
    Issues that do not require in-depth understanding of background or code
  • governance
    Organisational structure and bylaws
  • governanceboard
    Governance matters for the Board of Representatives
  • help-wanted
  • legal
    Legal terms, policies and documents
  • needs-info / snowdrift
  • ops
    Ops and server deployment
  • outreach
    Community messaging and recruitment
  • outreachproject
    Project to potentially onboard in multi-project phase
  • outreachterminology
    Term or set of terms used to communicate key concepts
  • statusdo-next
    Task selected for next focus
  • statusdoing
    Task in progress