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      Merge branch 'about-status' into 'master' · 1f371475
      Stephen Michel authored
      Add spacing between arrow and text in roadmap link
      See merge request !192
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      Merge branch 'about-status-2' into 'master' · 6885688e
      Stephen Michel authored
      Add about status box
      See merge request !191
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      Add status flag · be27dee8
      Stephen Michel authored
      Even hackier than the status box: A ton of stuff is inlined into
      _status-flag-tamp.sass to avoid potentially conflicting with any other
      styles around the site (since the navbar is included on every page).
      Also a few places were converted from rem to px due to the current main
      styles changing the root font size at respond("xs") while the prototype
      does not do that.
      It's also not quite horizontally aligned, but mucking with sass with 60s
      build times is painful, so it'll have to do.
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      Add about status box · 5ff917cc
      Stephen Michel authored
      Very inelegant, a total temporary job just to get this status page live
      while I continue to work on the prototype - I've just stuffed everything
      I need from the prototype to make this work into _status-box-temp.silius
      It's not exactly the same as on the prototype, because the current
      styles change the base font size at the "tiny" media query width, so the
      sizes of some things are different. But it looks decent enough, not
      worth spending more time fooling around with it.
      This has partially validated my planned approach for migrating the
      prototype pages -- converting the html to hamlet was super fast and then
      the vast majority of the work was fiddling with the sass.. so if we can
      import the sass wholesale to avoid fiddling, it should be much less
      effort, totally do-able
  9. 23 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'osuosl-envar' into 'master' · 4c6ed235
      Stephen Michel authored
      Rename deploy_osuosl option to unset_pghost_var
      See merge request !190
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      Rename deploy_osuosl option to unset_pghost_var · e5f7c7e6
      Stephen Michel authored
      Following up on @chreekat's code advice from merge request !189
      > Although it is common to name variables or functions based on how they
      > are used, that usually doesn't scale and creates ambiguity.
      > The name DEPLOY_OSUOSL is describing how the variable is used. I have
      > to go to the use sites (all of them, if there were many of them) to
      > see what it actually means.
      > Another strategy is to name things based on what they do.
      > REMOVE_PGHOST_VAR, for example. This strategy lets the reader grok the
      > name by only going to one place: the definition of the
      > variable/function itself. It's reusable, too. (What if we had another
      > deployment that needed the same thing?)
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      Remove PGHOST override on Centos7 CI job · adb03b17
      Robert Detjens authored
      OSUOSL uses a remote Postgres DB server, and the PGHOST override keeps
      Keter from connecting. This adds a envvar flag that when set, removes the
      envvar override from the site config file.
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      Split GIT-BASICS out of CONTRIBUTING.md · 1bbef3d2
      Stephen Michel authored
      CONTRIBUTING.md has a lot of content oriented at beginners. This makes
      it difficult to skim and not very useful to experienced developers.
      The git section was a particularly egregious example, with almost
      nothing specific to snowdrift.coop. Clearing it out makes room for
      future documentation that would help more with onboarding.
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