Commit 442653a3 authored by Aaron Wolf's avatar Aaron Wolf

add fr33domlover and h30 to developer role

parent 280d4441
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ Purpose: *Build the functioning web platform.*
- [Code QA] \([chreekat], [singpolyma]?) — *Making sure we have high quality code.*
- **Domain:** Coding style
- [Licensing] \( ) — maintaining FLO licensing standards
- [Web Developer] \( ) — *Delivering features etc.*
- [Web Developer] \([fr33domlover], [h30]) — *Delivering features etc.*
- [Interaction Design] \([msiep], [mray]) — *Designing effective, quality User Experience (UX)*
- **Domain:** Page list, User Stories, design criteria
- [Visual Design] \([mray]) — *Website design is coherent and consistent with our brand.*
......@@ -124,3 +124,5 @@ Purpose: *Build the functioning web platform.*
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