Authored by Joshua Tan

Sample SSSMT Practical Test

Task 1

Create the following users and groups. Set their passwords to "P@ssw0rd".

Group Users
hr lora, bryan
it peter, eddy
sales lim

The above users are required to change their passwords every 60 days. Ensure they change their passwords next time they login.

Task 2

Create a folder at /depts/. Inside, create separate folders hr, it and sales owned by the respective group. Users from one group should have no access to other groups' folder. However, Peter the sysadmin will need only read access to other groups' folders.

To facilitate collaboration, files created inside a group a folder should be owned by the group as well. An additional folder public is required inside /depts/. All users can create files inside but no one is allowed to delete or rename other users' files.

Users were complaining of low disk space. An investigation was carried out. Turns out user lim was downloading massive amounts of movies. Therefore, all users' should be given a maximum of 10 GB of space. A warning when they reach 8 GB would be helpful.

Task 3

Set SELinux mode to permissive.

Using iptables fulfill the following:

  1. Accept all traffic arriving on the loopback interface(lo)
  2. Deny pings

Using tcp-wrappers, allow ssh.

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