• Hey, thanks for your script. Maybe add a command to enable IP-forwarding.

    My problem is to make the web-ui available on (local network). Can you give me some iptables-rules or point me in the right direction?

  • Hi, sorry for the late response. Actually changing the last line: socat tcp-listen:$PORT,reuseaddr,fork,range= tcp-connect:$PORT & to socat tcp-listen:$PORT,reuseaddr,fork,range= tcp-connect:$PORT & should be sufficient as long iptables allows $PORT.

    In the past I used nginx to proxy to localhost, this was on a remote machine. Meanwhile I switched to rtorrent and Flood/rutorrent. Since rtorrent does the socket stuff out of the box I don't need the last line anymore.

    Edited by MatFi
  • Yes!! Thanks, works perfectly.

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