Authored by Mindy Hall

Naming is easy. How to come up with a name for the company

The name of the company is one of the first questions that a novice entrepreneur cares about. It is quite clear that words have great power and act, including on the subconscious. Therefore, when it comes to the brand under which the company will operate in the market, it is necessary to carefully consider all the options that have arisen, assessing their expected impact on sales, reputation and the possibilities of promoting the company.

Naming is easy For a guaranteed good result, it is better to immediately find naming specialists (name development) with a successful reputation and order a service from them. The process is likely to take a long time and will cost a lot of money. Most often, agencies begin to work with research and analysis of the company's market, its target audience. Then the name is developed, checked for originality and, finally, a test is carried out on focus groups. By the time this labor-intensive process takes, the stage of coordinating the final version with the customer should be added. The price of naming varies greatly from region to region, the time required by the client and the reputation of the agency. If there is not much money, you can use the services of freelancers or Kparser for choosing business name taking into account that it is not only cheaper but also more risky than working with agencies. If there is absolutely no time, money or desire to entrust such an important job to outsiders, it remains to come up with a name on your own.

There are many stories of the birth of a good name for the company during kitchen gatherings with friends or when the founders chose the word by chance. Recall at least Apple. But even more stories about creating in the same ways inarticulate and unsuccessful names. Often this is a matter of good taste, creativity, combined with a sense of proportion.

What the brand name registrar pays attention to

  • As much as one would like, the name of the company should not imply or even hint that the organization is state-owned.
  • That is, names that use the words "parliamentary", "prime minister", "legislative", etc., are likely to be rejected during registration.
  • You can not use the name for the company if its meaning will distort the actual situation and activities of the organization.
  • It is forbidden to use obscene language or such words and phrases that would mean that the organization offers obscene, scandalous and immoral services or goods.
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