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Decluttering for Students

Look up from your screen and take a look around. I bet you can see some stuff you don’t need in your room, probably things that are getting in the way too. This is known as clutter. Why should you be bothered? It’s both annoying and dangerous, that’s why. You can't concentrate on things you have to do, so, you prefer to buy college essays after few hours full of struggling with shaming attempts on writing an essay.

How is clutter annoying? Let me give you a mental tour of my grandmother’s house. You go in through the front door, to the right is a telephone table and seat, she has about 10 phone books – but only 2 types. That means she has 8 outdated phone books. On the wall are coat hooks, there are at least 6 coats of various kinds there. Then you go into the lounge. “Cushion attack!” screams your brain, and you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking it was a shop for second-hand cushions, I’ve never dared to count the number of cushions in there, but there’s at least 3 per seat, and she has enough sofa and chair space to seat 6 people. When you finally rip your eyes away from the cushions you realize that there isn’t a free flat surface anywhere. My grandmother routinely spends 15 minutes clearing enough space to put a small plate of biscuits because she has so many little china figurines, ornaments and knickknacks everywhere.

How does that relate to you? Well if you have to spend pretty much any time cleaning enough space to get something done, be it work or anything else, you’re at least twice as likely to procrastinate, if not to give up entirely.

Now, the danger of clutter. I’ll give you another little example – in my first year of college another girl in my flat brought at least 30 pairs of shoes with her. She lined all of these beautifully up along her wall to the doorway, because she had so many she had to do double rows. Of course, this being the first week of college people were pulling pranks and all sorts, so we had a least one fire alarm every single night. Every single night she would trip over her shoes on her way out of the door. She twisted her ankle more than once – if it had been a real fire then she could have been in serious danger.

The final problem with clutter is money. How much money have you spent on this stuff that you don’t use? Or have you had to re-buy something because you couldn’t find the one you bought the first time around? (I’m guilty of this with Sellotape and other small things I rarely use.)

What am I saying then? Go, look around your room, pick up 5 things you don’t use and get rid of them. “But I want to keep this!” I hear you say, that’s fine, providing it’s not getting in the way. Perhaps you have a ton of picture frames on your bedside cabinet and you need to be able to put your glasses, medication or favourite cuddly toy there, stick the pictures up on your wall where you can still see them and get rid of the picture frames.

What 5 things have you got rid of?

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