Authored by Tomas Mihalik


**ESP8266 WiFiManager EEPROM **

Check esp8266-wifimanager-eeprom post for more info.

If successfully connected to the access point, the structure is stored in EEPROM.

struct package {
  char WIFI_SSID[20] = "";
  char WIFI_PASS[20] = "";
  uint8 bssid[6];
  IPAddress ip; //Node static IP
  IPAddress gateway;
  IPAddress subnet;

On every start, ESP tries to start with the stored values:

 IPAddress dns(8, 8, 8, 8); // Google DNS
 WiFi.config(data.ip, dns, data.gateway, data.subnet); // Set static IP config to save time of DHCP
 WiFi.begin(data.WIFI_SSID, data.WIFI_PASS, 0, data.bssid, true); // static AP BSSID and dynamic channel

Main libs used:

  • WiFiManager
  • DoubleResetDetector

Sensors libs:

  • SI7021
  • DHTesp
  • BME280I2C


  • InfluxDb
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