Authored by Hayden Kowalchuk

Dreamcast Dev Livestream #1 Invite

Dreamcast Dev Livestream #1

Topic: Basic environment and workflow

Duration: 45minutes to 1hr, depending on engagement and questions.

Event Flow

  • Main Idea: How to go from idea or code to Running on a Dreamcast.
  • My Environment
    • Editor
    • Compiler setup
    • Tools
    • Ways of running binaries
  • Discussion
    • Choosing an editor
    • Kos Docs
    • Using a native toolchain OR a VM OR Docker
    • Basic ways to package compiled code for a Dreamcast
    • Choosing an emulator for testing
  • Questions and Freeform
  • Extra Bonus
    • Porting a simple game from Desktop PC to the Dreamcast
    • We can move through this together and live, checking our progress through each step
    • Considerations needed when porting
    • Demystify the Dreamcast

Start Time: Thursday, April 25 at 2:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT

Possible Rebroadcast + Q&A if many interested people cannot join.

Where to watch

  • Comments are easist to reply to on the above platforms
  • VOD will be archived on Youtube at the end of the stream

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