Authored by Barbara Key


For men, staying single is a common feature which a good number of men possess. However, the reasons might not be far-fetched. For each man, there are specific reasons why they would decide to remain single, and one way through which this can be understood is, discovering if any of their reasons are in line with their temperament and personality.

However, there are some popular reasons which incite men to remain single for any given period of time.

First and foremost, one common reason which could make a man remain single is Freedom. Most men are aware of the fact that, when they get married, their freedom is limited, as they can no longer carry out some acts which they did when they were single. As single men, there is no limit to their freedom, as they are in charge of what they do with their free time. However, when they get married, their free time I invested in the family and probably a few friends.


Also, Excitement is another reason why some men are still willing to stay single. For instance, searching for random girls on any of the best real hook-up sites is one of such occasions which provides a form of excitement for men. All these cease to exist once they get married. Moreso, they are aware of the fact that the vibe which is gotten at first during the marriage, tends to fade off along the line, and they are certainly not ready for that.

For every man, there is a perfect image of the kind of lady they desire, and most likely, this image would match one of the notable celebrities. However, since none of the ladies around them seems not to have any of this appearance, some men continue in their fantasy quest, with the hope that they would find someone. The sad part is, some of them would end up getting none eventually, hence, it would be hard for them to commit to someone who they would regard as regular.


In addition to this, it is conventionally known that with a relationship which could eventually end in marriage or not, there is a need for the show of responsibility from both parties. Some men are not yet ready to spend more than the usual which they would normally spend on themselves. Someone who comes home late at night when single, might find it hard to adjust when they get into a relationship because they are not ready to give up that aspect of their lives.

When it comes to relationship and marriage, it is for those who are grown up. In this sense, it means those who are mature, a relationship is not for those who are not willing to grow up. Some single men are not yet ready to take on some acts which they would readily not do while being single. Being in a relationship would require you to take some steps which you would not necessarily take when you are single. This is usually the defining moment which states if you are grown up or not. On a concluding note, it is advised that men search themselves thoroughly before leaving the single state. Trying out one of the best real hook-up sites could be a good start.

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