Authored by マギルゥーベルベット

FreeBSD rc.d script for JetBrains YouTrack

How to use?

  • Create a user and group named youtrack with a home directory and valid login shell.
  • Copy this script to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/youtrack and make it executable.
  • Add youtrack_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf.
  • (Optimal) Override default options in /etc/rc.conf (see below).


  • youtrack_log_file: file where output should be redirected. default is /var/log/youtrack.log
  • youtrack_jar: absolute path to the YouTrack jar distribution. default is /opt/jetbrains/youtrack/youtrack.jar
  • youtrack_listen_address: address/interface where YouTrack should listen on. default is
  • youtrack_port: port where YouTrack should listen on. default is 18911
  • youtrack_user, youtrack_group: user and group to run YouTrack as. default is youtrack for both

Bonus: Caddyfile

To proxy YouTrack with Caddy use the following snippet. {
    # SSE (Server Sent Events) aren't supported with gzip enabled in Caddy yet
    # make sure gzip is disabled to use SSE

    proxy / {
        timeout 86400s
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