Authored by Martin Lugton

Script to start review scripts

Creates review apps on Heroku. Called by this pipeline

start_review_scripts.bash 584 Bytes
  • Very nice, although I'd recommend using the Heroku API through dpl instead of using git to push to Heroku, i.e. something like (depending on your CI base image):

    apt-get update -qy
    apt-get install -y ruby-dev
    gem install dpl
    dpl --provider=heroku --app=$PROJECT_NAME-$CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG --api-key=$HEROKU_API_KEY
  • Thanks for the tip, David!

  • Someone asked (although that comment seems to be gone now, but I still think its a good question) if you still need to create the app in Heroku when using dpl: Yes, of course, the dpl part can be used instead of the git commands in the snippet above, you'd still need the initial curl call to the Heroku API to create the app.

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