Authored by moli

query imdb searches to make a feed of the newest releases you are interested in. Just use the imdb website advanced search syntax and automagically get notified of new movies in your feed reader, you dont need to manually visit imdb anymore.

usage in command line like: php feedimdb.php 'sort=release_date,desc&title_type=feature&num_votes=15000,&user_rating=6.7,' 'sort=release_date,desc&title_type=feature&genres=sci_fi&num_votes=15000,&user_rating=5,' 'sort=release_date,desc&title_type=feature&genres=animation&num_votes=1500,&user_rating=6.7,' 'sort=release_date,desc&title_type=documentary&genres=comedy&num_votes=150,' the result of this example will be an atom feed with 400 movies you have to "read" in your feed reader. After this first "initialization-step" you will only get notified of new releases only.

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