Authored by Paolo Falomo 🇮🇹

Prestashop Valet Driver

Prestashop + Laravel Valet

If you are using Valet you may like this Valet Driver


  1. Download this file
  2. Place it in your Valet Driver's directory - tipically ~/.valet/Drivers/PrestashopValetDriver.php or ~/.config/valet/Drivers/PrestashopValetDriver.php


  • Simulate mod_rewrite image rewriting
  • Fixes admin modules page
  • Fixes images loadings
  • Works with ajax calls

To be implemented

  • Support for webservices calls (api/)
PrestashopValetDriver.php 7.2 KB
  • Hello,

    I tried to use your driver but the admin part doesn't work, I get an error 500. I am testing with Prestashop

    Thnaks Regards

  • hello @kreatin! I'm using it and testing on

    I am going to test it on now

  • @kreatin i've tested it and it's working - can u tell me the exact page you get this error 500?

  • I just updated the script with the last version i have locally - do you see any changes?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the update, but still have a 500 error. But considering it's working on your side, must be something on my side. Front is ok but when I access my BO url (http://prestashop_1_7_2_4.test/admin582/) error 500

    Any idea from where it could come ? Thanks

  • @kreatin try to enable _PS_MODE_DEV_ in config/

    You should see errors that tells you what's missing

  • @paolofalomo so I activated the _PS_MODE_DEV_ and I get and error about a constant already defined, if I comment this constant, then it's another one that is already defined, looks like a file is required more than once creating the errors. I attached a screenshot of the error (server.php is from Valet)

    Thanks a lot for your help PS-error

  • hi @kreatin, i can't see the image 🙁 may i help u via telegram?

  • Update to 1.4 due to make ajax filemanager working again

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