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Windows batch file - Delete Users'Spotify cache folders

Problem can be found here :

AdrielGiannoni commented on 21 Jun 2016 I was doing a test. My spotify client STOP sync (refreshing tracks that was added by API) when my PC loss the network connection for one or two seconds. So then, spotify client dont refresh any more, and i have to reset it. Definitely, I think that Spotify client stop listening events of refreshing by API when i have a micro networks interruption for some miliseconds, and never more reconnect to events. So, i have to restart client.

Note: I made this test with two diferents PC, and the last version of the client. Thanks.

universallythinking commented on 24 Feb 2017 I solved this problem by making batch files, and vbs files to delete Spotify's cache every hour or so... Can be done in AppleScript as well.

So this is my code to delete user cache folders every hours.

Work for Windows Spotify Desktop 1.0.74

spotifyCacheDel.bat 309 Bytes
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