Authored by Bjorn Axe

How to Join WATL

Membership from the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) means a number of benefits for both businesses and customers. From legitimizing companies as authentic venues for safe urban axe throwing to providing a set of rules and regulations to hold them accountable, joining this global governing body should be priority for any business with axe throwing activities. Currently, the WATL is the largest axe throwing organization in the world with 23 members in four countries, including Bad Axe Throwing in Toronto, Rock Axe City Throwing Club in Alabama, The Axe Pit in Maine and Columbus Axe Throwing.

By joining the WATL, axe throwing businesses learn how to align with the global standards and official rules and regulations of the sport. The organization’s overall mission is to strengthen axe throwing’s reputation as a real sport while supporting businesses with exposure and promotion. They aim to increase the popularity of urban axe throwing and bring it to as many cities across the globe as possible.

The WATL helps businesses in a variety of key areas to support growth and development. Members receive automatic perks of being a part of the organization’s promotional efforts, including getting published by internationally recognized media outlets. They are given access to a large business community where they can learn from other professionals about successful strategies. By leveraging this expertise, axe throwing businesses are set up for success and to become industry leaders within their respective regions with accreditation from the WATL. Membership also proves to customers that the business takes the sport seriously and wants to provide the best and most official urban axe throwing experience possible.

Axe League Throwing Rules

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