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Fun games to play with axe throwing

The sport of axe throwing is super versatile and there are a variety of great games players can enjoy outside of the traditional target-hitting. As it has transformed from a pastime into a recreational sport, many expert axe throwers have created different games to enhance over play and skill and technique development.

The Countdown Game involves teams beginning play with a total score of 100. Taking turns hitting the target, each side will knock off points with the overall aim of reaching zero first. The real challenge comes as teams get closer to the end because they have to hit zero exactly, meaning you can’t use a 4-point turn to knock the remaining 2 points you need to get zero.

The Rings Game focuses on the different black rings that make up the wooden target. Each team has to take turns hitting each ring in exact order, working their way from the outside ring to the inside, aka bullseye. Once that’s accomplished, the challenge gets even harder as the teams work their way to hitting the blue balls at the top corners.

The Tic-Tac-Toe game is exactly how it sounds: a childhood favourite brought to the great sport of axe throwing. A grid is drawn on the wooden target and each side takes turns sticking an axe in a specific square until they complete a row of 3 axes.

New games are constantly being developed and as urban axe throwing continues to gain popularity, we know there will be a lot more to add to the list.

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