Authored by Bjorn Axe

Background of Bad Axe Throwing

Being bad never felt so good at Bad Axe Throwing (BATL), the world’s largest urban axe throwing club. With a mission to transform a traditional pastime into a thrilling activity that can be enjoyed to celebrate any occasion, the club has also revolutionized how North Americans spend a typical night out. It’s about good old fashioned entertainment from almost a century ago, brought back to life--only with a contemporary spin that people of all ages and skill can enjoy. From talented coaches trained in the sport as well as how to deliver the ultimate fun-filled experience, to skilled staff able to support with event coordination, BAT consistently provides incredible customer service across the board. The club offers a diverse range of experiences, including axe throwing leagues in which players participate in regional tournaments, private parties, corporate events and walk-in specials throughout the week.

BAT Founder Mario Zelaya saw the potential of the popular sport while playing it in his own backyard and quickly acted to bring it to the masses, opening the first official BAT location in 2014 in Burlington, Canada. Soon after, Zelaya and Managing Director Jesse Gutzman started looking at other venues and began their domination of the urban axe throwing scene across Canada and the U.S. Now, the club has expanded to 16 locations, including Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Edmonton, Surrey, Winnipeg, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Oklahoma, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Expansion will continue as BAT scouts new cities with a growing axe throwing culture and desire to shake up the entertainment district.

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