Meera Font

Meera font is a Malayalam font designed by Hussain K H and maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project. This is a comprehensive Malayalam font with 1000+ glyphs for all common Malayalam ligatures.

It has carefully designed ascent, descent metrics optimized for Malayalam script's vertically stacked conjuncts. Meera is even stroke typeface for better screen rendering, with individually designed glyphs for complex conjuncts rather than using component glyphs.

Meera is a san-serif counter part of Rachana font with all traditional characters. It is also meant for body text like Rachana, preferably for a pamphlet or single page designs. Usage of Meera can be thought of similar to Helvetica typeface and its variations like Arial. Meera Roman glyphs are visually similar to Arial but its orthography strictly follows Meera Malayalam glyphs. Basic curves and straight lines are taken from Malayalam ‘റ’ and ‘വ’ characters. That is why Meera Roman glyphs differ from Helvetica but holds san-serif characteristics and smoothly sit with its Malayalam glyphs.

Released in 2007, Meera is default Malayalam font for many GNU/Linux distros for Malayalam script. The font is widely used in web as the primary choice for Malayalam screen font. The font is available only in regular style.

Source code is available at https://gitlab.com/smc/meera


Swathanthra Malayalam Computing. http://smc.org.in Santhosh Thottingal ( santhosh.thottingal@gmail.com) Rajeesh K Nambiar ( rajeeshknambiar@gmail.com)


This Font Software is duel licensed under the SIL Open Font License,Version 1.1 and GPLV3+ Licence with Font Exception. See COPYING file with the font for details.