Keraleeyam Malayalam unic opentype font. Designed by Hussain KH and SMC. Keraleeyam font was first designed as an ASCII font in 2005 and distributed with Rachana editor. Based on Rachana's exhaustive character set of traditional Malayalam Lipi.

Keraleeyam is a Malayalam font designed by Hussain K. H.

Keraleeyam is a thick ornamental font. It is basically a san-serif font but it takes a thin and thick design especially at the joins of straight and curved paths. Bigger and thicker, it is condensed compared to Meera and Rachana. Its geometry follows a vertical oval shape rather than circular. Keraleeyam is best suited to titles. Many book covers have been designed using this font. When Keraleeyam is used for signboards its Roman glyphs may find a suitable space.

Keraleeyam font was originally designed in 2005. The current version of the font is based on comprehensive character set of traditional Malayalam script with many unique conjuncts. Latin glyphs were designed and added to match the malayalam sript style in 2015.

The font is maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project. Source code is available at

Building from source

  1. Install fontforge and python-fontforge
  2. Install the python libraries required for build script: pip install -r tools/requirements.txt
  3. Build the ttf, woff, woff2 files: make