Malayalam handwriting font

Karumbi Font

The Karumbi opentype font, is a Malayalam traditional script font desinged by Kevinsiji. The characters are literally written directly into a computer by Kevinsiji using a tablet pen.

Karumbi follows a casual style, suitable for handwritten type text. It has Individually designed glyphs for complex conjuncts rather than using component glyphs.

The font is maintained by Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project. Source code is available at https://gitlab.com/smc/karumbi/

Building from source

  1. Install fontforge and python-fontforge
  2. Install the python libraries required for build script: pip install -r tools/requirements.txt
  3. Build the ttf, woff, woff2 files: make


Kevin & Siji (kevinsiji@gmail.com)


See COPYING file with the font.