Commit 57b77d4d authored by Kavya Manohar's avatar Kavya Manohar

Add glyph for 0D00 - aboveanusvara

It is defined as GDEF_Simple in the table. Anchor @visual_centrepoint is attached.
parent ce028753
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......@@ -1300,7 +1300,7 @@ lookup abvm_chandrakkala {
lookup abvm_dotreph {
lookupflag 0;
markClass [dotreph] <anchor -592 1084> @visual_centrepoint;
markClass [dotreph anusvaraabove] <anchor -592 1084> @visual_centrepoint;
pos base [k1 k3k3 ch1ch1 ch1ch1u1 ch1ch1u2 ch1ch2 ] <anchor 874 1082> mark @visual_centrepoint;
pos base [k2 k3 ] <anchor 874 1082> mark @visual_centrepoint;
pos base [k4 ] <anchor 874 1082> mark @visual_centrepoint;
This diff is collapsed.
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