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Version bump 1.2

7eac1ff Version bump 1.2 42bf0dca (origin/master, origin/HEAD) conditional clustering: fixing conjunct breakage when the cluster ends in virama(സ്ക്) 16fc06aa Conditional clustering on various conjuncts and signs f78a4992 conditional clustering of conjuncts and signs upto ഷ. bce19701 vowel sign vocallic LL bearing correction in Manjari-Thin 892aa9ff Conditional stacking on k1s1 when followed by vowel signs l1 and l2 04735a6c Glyph name l2 given to vowel sign vocallic LL 41fd4f10 Conditional clustering for the conjuncts ഷ്ട്ട andits signed forms e293c820 Test case for ക്ട്ട and its signed forms 1990e264 Exhaustive test case for conditional clustering. b7878b45 Add test cases for malayalam codeblock a996f6c3 Thin and Bold: Add Unicode 10 compatibility 748bf939 Merge branch 'master' of 44b3c2a1 Regular: Add Unicode 10 compatibility 9538c6b0 Merge branch 'fix-makefile' into 'master' db6fd7cf Install otf fonts 42ab4ff2 Install ttf to correct location and clean pdf files generated during tests 019f15b0 Manjari Bold - copyright and license details change 2824f0d1 Manjari Thin - copyright and license details change f6126539 Remove linebreak from copyright notice in Manjari Regular
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