Update the fontmake, use ufolint, correct the metadata for weight variants to list correctly in font selection UIs, and minor improvements for ള്ള alternate form abd archaic ii sign.

All changes since last release:

7c9c02a Version update to 1.6
a053343 Bold: Remove postscript name, full name
c3bf80b Fix the fontinfo so that Manjari is listed as font name instead of Manjari Regular
77d0ce3 Update fontmake to 1.7.2
7c6a01d Update fontmake and ufolint
7da6150 Add ufolint based linting for UFO sources
4277390 Upgrade fontmake and Brotli dependency packages
cc269af Reduce the size of ള്ള alternate form
0902a7e Update fontmake to 1.5.1
7fb3a15 Improve archaic ii
1140708 Merge branch 'generate-necessary-artifacts' into 'master'
eb49f41 Generate release artifacts on tag builds
7e17320 Build webfonts from OTF
0ce8b97 Declare test file at top
176b4bf Fix the right bearing for rhrhu2
e949a63 Update README
57bf06a CI - Ensure dependencies installed before test
b706547 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:smc/fonts/manjari
c32925a Retail Brotli since it is required for webfonts
bfd8b70 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
d81650c Use fontmake command line utility and simplify Makefile
59586ee Correct the openTypeOS2Version as 4 for Bold
a015708 Set openTypeOS2Version as 4 for 3 variants