Stylistic alternatives for ള്ള and ച്ച, various gpos optimizations for dotreph
73ec5c4 Version bump to 1.4, copyright year update
6042d8d Thin and Bold: Stylistic variants for ch1ch1 and lhlh
91d3d07 Regular: Add stylistic alternatives for ള്ള and ച്ച
c13377c Design Euro sign glyph
7b214db Manjari-Regular: More on visual-centrepoint anchor fixes
b4868de Visual centr pont anchor fix in Manjari-Regular
f58aa8f Remove some special characters in copyright information
abc7e24 Manjari-Bold: visual-centre point anchor on ധ
c0847d2 visual-centrepoint marker fixes in all variants
122b8c3 Manjari-Bold: Bearing corrections, visual-centrepoint marker fix (പ-മ)
c221875 Manjari-Bold: Bearing fixes, visual-centrepoint marker fix(ത-ന)
4ecb338 Manjari-Bold: visual-centrepoint marker fix on conjuncts upto ത
1d24114 Bearing corrections, r3 sign position fix
9999c85 [Manjari-Bold]: Fixing visual-centrepoint anchor.
1631fa9 Manjari-Thin: visual-cetrepoint anchor fixed on all relevant glyphs
37da5a4 Manjari-Thin: visual-centepoint anchor ത-ന and their conjuncts
ef75e68 Manjari-Thin: visual-centrepoint fix ച-ത
1154e85 Manjari-Thin: Visual centrepoint fix ക-ങ്ങ
ff88762 Bearing correction for k1l3
faee4f8 Bearing corrections for dotreph, verticalbarvirama, aboveanuswara
b76157a Manjari-Thin: Redesign anuswara glyph
f14161c Visual_centrepoint fixes on Manjari-Thin
02557f1 Manjari-Thin: visual_centrepoint position fix in ച-ഞ
4306f80 Manjari-Thin: position marker @Anchor renamed as @visual_centrepoint
85205b6 Manjari-Bold: Redesign circular virama
41ea96b Manjari-Thin: Redesign circular virama
a833090 Glyph size correction in Manjari-Regular: Vertical bar virama
8fd1d2e Manjari Thin: dot reph position fix for ഗ-ങ്ങ
abaca29 Manjari Regular: Dot reph position fixes- പ to റ and their conjuncts
2b1c7e1 Manjari Regular- dot reph position fix: ന conjuncts
c6d0337 Manjari Regular  dot reph position fix: ത - ന
51c044c Manjari-Regular dot reph position fix: ട - ണ
5228bfb Manjari Regular-Dot reph position fix: ഛ, ജ്ര, ജ്ഞ, ഝ, ഞ, ഞ്ച, ഞ്ഞ,
bf876ac dot reph position fix ങ ങ്ങ ങ്ക in Manjari-Regular
049e8ab dot reph position fix for ക്ഷ, ക്സ
41966be Fixing dot reph positioning in th3th3
bb9293f Use OTF for tests
c16d078 Regular: Fix centre point anchor position for ഡ ഢ ന ഩ ഭ ഹ ള ഴ റ ര