Migrate the source from SFD to UFO format and drop dependency with Fontforge.
Fontmake is now used for building ttf and otf.
A designspace is also defined.
Build now places all binaries in build folder


cb86411 Use brotli from pip
199d631 Add Brotli dependency for building webfonts
699bf2d Let the CI build everything
026114d Define designspace file for style variants
c104f49 Move svgs to sources folder
a5b3aa8 Fix gitlab ci
f661926 Remove duplicate y from latin kerning
c6cbf16 Update gitlab ci with python3
2c6386c Update fontconf with correct family
4f5283a Add fontmake based build script
12d375b Add UFO sources
d872db5 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:smc/manjari
7c63808 Remove unwanted background layer from some glyphs
b1f376a Remove spurious s1th1u2 and s1th1r1
8e7f804 Rename @dotreph anchor point as @visual_centrepoint