Commit 9d768e58 authored by Ashik Salahudeen's avatar Ashik Salahudeen


Addes a missing "z"
parent 113cf37f
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ cp *.otf otf
cp *.woff woff
cp *.woff2 woff2
tar cvf ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz *.conf ttf otf
tar czvf ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz *.conf ttf otf
sha256sum ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz > ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz.sha256
md5sum ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz > ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.tar.gz.md5
zip -j ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_TAG}.zip otf/*
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