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## Configuration
### Database
We use a relational database to store some important information about all components encapsulated by a resource
By default, our [database config file](doc/config/database.yml) use the adpater for sqlite3 that is good enough for smal amount of transactions (or small number of simulated components). However, you can also configure a resource-adaptor to use more powerful alternatives, such as [PostgreSQL]( and
### Services links
Basicly, this app needs to know two external services:
* [Resources Catalog](
* [Data Collector](
The app also needs to know what its URL in order to properly register in the Smart City Platform.
To set the three required URL, edit the [services config file](doc/config/services.yml)
### Resource and Components
In order to automatically populate the database with resource and components data we recommend that you use the [resource config file](doc/config/resource.yml). See the [file](doc/config/resource.yml) to undestand how to add data.
You can also use alternative ways to populate the database with your informantion. You could add new fields or table by adding new migrations or create your own scripts to populate the database, for instance.
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