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# ImageAI Object Detection API
# keras-yolo3 Object Detection API
## Setup
`docker run -p 80:80`
Please replace `/path/to/yolo_weights.h5` and `/path/to/voc_classes.txt` by your own file.
`docker run -p 80:80 -v /path/to/yolo_weights.h5:/app/model_data/yolo.h5 -v /path/to/voc_classes.txt:/app/model_data/voc_classes.txt`
## Test
You can see `Welcome to Object detection!`
You can see `Welcome to keras-yolo3 Object detection!`
**Object ditection**
Send your image to the API. It's return the result of object detection by YOLOv3.
Please replace to your image path `path/to/image.jpg`
`curl -X POST -F image=@path/to/image.jpg http://localhost/predict`
Please replace to your image path `path/to/image.jpg`
## Develop
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