Automate dev environment build on top of vagrant-workstation


One VM to rule them all, One VM to find them, One VM to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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First create a directory on your machine to hold all slashdeploy repositories. The instructions assume ~/slashdeploy, but you're welcome to use any directory you want. This value must be set in the SLASHDEPLOY_PROJECT_PATH environment variable. Put this or it's equivalent in your shell config:

export SLASHDEPLOY_PROJECT_PATH=~/slashdeploy

Next enter that directory and clone this repository

$ git clone git@gilab.com:slashdeploy/workstation.git --recursive
$ cd workstation

Now it's time to configure your host system. Althought most of the heavy lifting is done by the workstation virtual machine, your host system still needs to support the virtual machine. This requires some dependencies and setting other environment variables. There is a test program that verifies your host system. Run:

$ script/host-check

Repeat and follow the instructions until everything is configured correctly.

$ slashdeploy-workstation up
$ slashdeploy-workstation provision

Last but not least it's time to clone all slashdeploy code to your machine.

$ script/clone

Now you should be ready to go! You should alias slashdeploy-workstation to something shorter in your shell. This will save you a ton of typing!


Upgrades notices come from the SRE team. Upgrading happens with the following command:

$ slashdeploy-workstation upgrade

slashdeploy-workstation upgrade command is a three step process which involves:

  1. A git pull to get the latest code
  2. git submodule update to update vendored dependnecies
  3. slashdeploy-workstation provision to reconfigure the workstation

NOTE: Upgrades may require you to configure more environment variables.

How it works

  • We boot a vagrant-machine and set it up to have essential tools
  • $SLASHDEPLOY_PROJECT_PATH is mounted at /projects inside the VM
  • Aliases are used to easily run commands inside the VM under the relative path
  • $ slashdeploy-workstation run -- whatever can be used to run whatever

Project Shortcuts

These commands are intended to run against a particular project.

  • ci - make test-ci
  • clean - make test-clean
  • make - make
  • shell - Open terminal
  • test - make test

Global Commands

These commands may be invoked from anywhere since they are not project specific.

  • aws
  • docker


make coordinates the test process. The test process provisions a new VM from scratch and ensure all the appropriate things went off correctly.

$ make clean test-ci