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Example 'Copyright License for Software' added.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Copyright (C) 2018 William Charlton, Stephan Kreutzer
TODO: What could be the license for this example,
consisting of the format and the example text?
<SOS xmlns="" xml:lang="en" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<POI ID="1" Type="Effect">
<Parent Parent-ID="2"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="4"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="5"/>
<Title>Copyright Law</Title>
<Text>Copyright law has been passed in most given jurisdictions.</Text>
<POI ID="2" Type="Effect">
<Title>Software multiplies</Title>
<Text>Software like many other types of works is immaterial and not bound to physical limitations/scarcity. Every act of distribution to another entity results in a duplication (copying).</Text>
<POI ID="3" Type="Effect">
<Title>Copying technology is cheaply available</Title>
<Text>Most people can afford to buy copying equipment and know how to operate it.</Text>
<POI ID="4" Type="Effect">
<Title>Copying is cheap</Title>
<Text>Producing another copy (another unit of the good) is almost gratis, if the producer owns or has access to copying equipment.</Text>
<POI ID="5" Type="Effect">
<Parent Parent-ID="2"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="3"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="4"/>
<Title>Selling software is difficult</Title>
<Text>The business model of selling software faces a lot of competition from gratis offers of the identical product.</Text>
<POI ID="6" Type="Effect">
<Parent Parent-ID="1"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="5"/>
<Title>Copyright law is enforcable</Title>
<Text>Copyright law can be enforced selectively with severe penalties for infringement against companies and individuals.</Text>
<POI ID="7" Type="Effect">
<Parent Parent-ID="2"/>
<Parent Parent-ID="3"/>
<Title>Copyright law isn’t enforcable</Title>
<Text>The state has no mechanisms available to gain knowledge about copyright infringement or interfere with it, other than investigation and after-the-fact persecution.</Text>
......@@ -14,5 +14,5 @@ are licensed under the Apache 2.0 (see $/APACHE_2_0-LICENSE).
The $/sosmap/index.html is generated via a XSLT transformation using the
$/sos_xml_to_sos_map_xhtml_1.xsl XSLT stylesheet on a SOS XML file.
The already existing file is based on $/../examples/copyright_license_for_format_examples.xml
(commit 1 of,
(commit 2 of,
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