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Example 'Development Process': ID duplicates fixed.

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......@@ -47,11 +47,11 @@ under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
<Title>Bad context</Title>
<Text>It’s only a single personal repository on skreutzer’s account, where the context and environment holds many other repositories as well that aren’t related to SOS, so somebody who explores the repository wouldn’t find other SOS material, but unrelated projects, which is bad for the discoverability of the SOS projects. Other SOS repositories aren’t collected in one place, but spread and mixed with other stuff, which is confusing. There is no one-stop-shop authoritative place where all the materials can be found.</Text>
<Effect id="10">
<Effect id="32">
<Title>Bad for community management</Title>
<Text>It’s difficult and risky for other people to join and participate, if their contributions are bound to a personal account that’s not related to SOS. Connections might get lost for SOS if a transition needs to happen later.</Text>
<Effect id="10">
<Effect id="33">
<Title>Bus factor</Title>
<Text>With git, forking is easy and cheap, so it’s not an effect of too much importance yet that the experimental repository for examples and prototypes is operated by a single person and in case of mishap, malicious actions or loss of availability/interest might become inacessible.</Text>
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