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Draft: DPPT-562: Use new SKAO documentation theme

Mark Ashdown requested to merge dppt-562-docs-theme into master

Use the new SKAO theme to build the documentation. This makes use of the ska-ser-sphinx-theme package.

I have noticed some problems with the theme:

  • The code blocks are not monospaced any more. They seem to be rendered in a mixture of monospaced and proportional typefaces.
  • There is a strong difference between an unvisited link (bright magenta) and a visited one (dark blue). The latter is almost identical to the regular black text, so it almost looks like the links disappear when you visit them.
  • In the sidebar, the shape containing the logo doesn't meet the top of the window. This is by design, so you can see the name of the subproject there. However, the name is a link to the index page and so it disappears against the blue background when you navigate away from the index page.
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