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......@@ -316,6 +316,7 @@ facing, hence quadrant Q1 (bottom left) and functional acceptance tests, in Q2 (
:align: center
:figclass: figborder
:alt: A 4x4 matrix. The top row is labelled "Business facing". Bottom row labelled "Technology facing". Left column labelled "Support programming". Right column labelled "Critique Project". Top left quadrant labeled "Automated. Functional Acceptance tests". Top right quadrant labelled "Manual. Showcases; Usability testing; Exploratory tests". Bottom left quadrant labelled: "Automated. Unit tests; Integration tests; System tests". Bottom right quadrant labelled: "Manual/Automated. Nonfunctional acceptance tests (capacity, security, ...).
Figure 1: Test quadrants, picture taken from (Humble and Farley, Continuous Delivery, 2011).
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ Virtual machine deployment
.. image:: ../images/openstack-project-compute-instance.png
:alt: OpenStack Horizon interface, with the left-hand sidebar highlighted, and the "Launch Instance" button highlighted in blue.
- At this stage a menu will pop-up and will ask to specify virtual machine characteristics, chose an name for virtual machine:
.. image:: ../images/openstack-vm-chars.png
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