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Agile teams and responsibilities

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SKA software development is organized in agile teams.
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Development team

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.. todo::

  - should we expand this section? The whole portal is dedicated to describe DEV practices and tools ...
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Scrum Master
The Scrum Master of each team is responsible for the process the team
follows. A generic description of this role can be found `on the SAFe website <>`_.
The SKA Scrum Masters are also responsible for:

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  *  Meet the team, make sure they know each other and find a nice way to present interests, skills and get to know each other. Lead the team to find a name they like.

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  * Make sure all team members can access SKA confluence and jira.

  * Make sure all team members have access to SKA video conferencing tools.
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  * Create a team page on the `SKA confluence portal <>`_ describing who belongs to the team and his/her role. This page will serve as an entry point for team related information.

  * Use the Team Jira board to plan and report team activity happening in the development sprints.

  * Run sprints planning/retrospective/reviews cycles and daily stand-up meetings with the team, making sure the team follows an improvement process.

  * Work with the team in order to understand the SKA Definition of Done and development practices.

  * Setup and maintain a slack channel for the team according to the slack usage guidelines.

  * Setup and maintain a gitlab team including all team members under the `SKA organization gitlab account <>`_.

  * Manage permissions on gitlab repositories the team is working on.
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  * Maintain consistency between the team composition on the various tools and platforms, and make sure that team members are using those in an appropriate way.

  * Take part in the Scrum Of Scrums meeting, coordinating his/her activity with all the SMs participating in the development effort.
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Product Owner
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.. todo::

  - Define specifics activities for SKA POs.