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Polular right now! The world's first Ubuntu campus love comedy!!
(large) Ubunchu!
Chapter 12
Rule of a sister distro! Mint-chan
Extra large 16 page chapter
to celebrate dedicated Ubunchu volume prints!
(headline) A scene we're all too familiar with?!
*Ubuntu 12.04
release party*
A release party
A sacret celebration for us//Ubunteros to mark a new version release//but ...
Behold the sight of all those who care. But a single fanatic geek.
I was sure people were coming ...!
worry not//it's not too late to change
Windows 8 is soon to be relased//I'm sure you'll like it
SFX: clap clap
We'll go to the midnight release at Akiba!
@what a nice ending@
this is how
I imagined it to be//which of course
of course ...
Wh//what the!?!
SFX: Whoo whoo
Is this a dream?!
SFX: squeeze
A nightmare I guess!
To be real though//half of the people are just here for Urara.
@she installed it for me@
let be dream just a bit longer
Alright that's my chance to give a great speech
SFX: crack crack
@she's so not good with situtations like this@
SFX: swish
SFX: spike
What's wrong?//@Your an-10-na!@
@tingling for the first time in a long while@
That girl
is she a student here?
not sure if I've seen here before
SFX: tsk
such a beauty//no way she wouldn't be in my database ...
that's ums//@ahem@
that sums up the new functions in Ubunchu
Thanks for your attention.
*the end!
Ubuntu 12.04 introduction SysAdmin Club Akane*
SFX: clap clap clap
For the remaining time//let's chat and have tea
@whew ... that actually went okay@
Excuse me!
A bit sudden I guess but ...
Would it be okay to
do a lightning talk?
@※short presentations (often about 5 min) often done at technical conferences@
@what a cutey@
I'm freshman Maya Mint.
It's actually just //a nickname
Feel free to call me "mint"
SFX: tehe
So she's using ...
Linux Mind!//@Maya's the current version's codename@
It's not Ubuntu? BUt it's Linux ...
Erm ...
There's actually a lot of OSes that are Linux
A kernel in the center with software around it//made for end users
*software kernel software*
it's called a distribution
There's a plenthora of distros//all differing in software and settings
And Ubunchu is one of them
Linux Mint is based on Ubunchu//so it's like a child of Ubunchu
Ubunchu itself by the way is the child of a distro called Debian
I see
Mint is the loved daughter of Ubunchu
A happy family. How nice
SFX: Giggle
As you can clearly see on this popularity ranking//Mint is the number one
That's to say
SFX: the student has become the master
Ubunchu is a thing of the past
Linux Mint it where it's at.
@(reference to a movie about a rebellious daughter—use "Imitation of life" (1959) as semi equvalent it nothing better is to be found)@
uh ...
What [did you just say]?
Let's see ...
you, Urara. I bet you're fresh Ubunchu install//wouldn't play DVDs, right?
True. Akane was kind enough to help me with that.
SFX: whoa
SFX: takatakataka
Not that I could follow what she did. But it works now.
? ? ? ?
You can't expect the average user to know how to do things like adding repositories.
With Mint, codecs are included from the start.
Media just plays on a fresh install.
That's the first reason for Mint's popularity.
What about the desktop environment?
Did any of you maybe struggle getting used to Unity?
@We did!@
@Talk about beating a dead horse.@
A sudden change of how everything looks surely puts you off.
desktop environment*
Mint comes with a look that most people are used to already.
The second reason
for Mint's popularity.
Because Mint is an Ubunchu derivate//they have a lot in common.
The thrid reason for Mint's popularity.
It's easy for Ubuntu users to make the switch.
I brough some installation DVDs.
@Ubunchu not including codecs is due to licensing problems@
@and Japanese support in Mint is still kind of buggy. I'd wouldn't ...@
Anyone interested?
Not that I have anything against Mint
but does//she have to be that aggressive?
that's ...
That's Linux Mint Debian Edition.
SFX: gulp
LM what?
*✓ ✗*
LMDE, which is not a derivate from Ubuntu but Debian.
Which means//this doesn't have all that much in common with Ubuntu.
Making it actually not that easy to switch over to.
I don't really follow, Akane. That's too technical for me.
An Ubunchu derivate! Your words!
SFX: twinkle
Debian's logo ... a spiral.
SFX: gulp
SFX: wobble
Maya Mint, you're ...
Maki Uzui!
You're spiral eyes!
Maki Uzui
- plain but good face
- nickname: spiral eyes*
T/N: Uzumaki in Japanese means spiral/swirl. In the Japanese original Uzu*i* Maki's nickname is uzumaki.
SFX: kyaaa
SFX: droop
Yes, I am.
I'm the girl that's been using Debian since junior high.
@Confession time?@
That I didn't know.
I was proud of using Debian. No frills, pure efficiency.
"Until one day"
SFX: takataka
Spiral eyes uses a spiral OS!!
@And I though ...@
"some dimwit started picking on me."
"In high school I made sure no one"
"would find out"
*IT committee*
@Debian is what Ubunchu's based on@
"I got frustrated//and thought"
I'd change my image by using a more popular distro
maybe even I would ...
SFX: shock
SFX: squeeze
I've never met a girl that's using Debian!
SFX: hug
Ubunchu exists because of Debian! We have so much to ..
I... I'm not swayed that easily ...
SFX: crumble
Did you by any chance
not hear the bell ringing? School's over.
SFX: sigh
Go ahead. Cat fight for that 1% user share.
Be careful not to make the boys too horny.
SFX: cold
We're not really goning to fight, right?
@The end!@
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