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Add FAQ question regarding a timer

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......@@ -250,3 +250,7 @@ If the names of the pilot/faction/ship are correct (based on the guide linked ab
In the example above, "kestal" should be "lieutenantkestal", so the program exporting the name is wrong. Please file a bug report to the exporting program's project so they can fix it.
In the meantime, the xws file can be opened with any text editor and the incorrect name can be changed to what xhud is looking for.
=== _Is there a timer?_
No. And there probably won't be. When xhud runs, it generates a PNG image file. When OBS (or whatever streaming software you use) has said PNG file in the scene, it monitors it. If the file changes, OBS reloads the image. When you change the gamestate, xhud regenerates the image and OBS reloads it. There is a delay. That delay can vary from update to update. Updating the image every second combined with the previously mentioned delay would not look good. If you want to show a timer, use a separate program, capture the window, and add it to the scene.
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