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......@@ -136,3 +136,19 @@ Examples:
|`111f` |Player 1, Ship 1 flips Pivot Wing (upgrade slot 1) NOTE: 111F would have the same result
|`11h 12h 13h 14h` |Player 1, Ships 1-4 lose 1 hull (bomb detonation)
== FAQ
=== _I tried running xhud but got an 'Unknown ship' error (such as `Unknown ship (kestal/imperial/tieaggressor)`). What does this mean?_
This means one of two thigs:
. xhud (or rather, its underlying library, libxwing) has an error
. the program that exported the squad has an error
All pilot and upgrade names have to be formetted a certain way so all the different programs can properly communicate. The definitive guide can be found[here].
If the names of the pilot/faction/ship are correct (based on the guide linked above) and you still get this error, then the problem is on my end. Please open an issue and I will get it fixed ASAP.
In the example above, "kestal" should be "lieutenantkestal", so the program exporting the name is wrong. Please file a bug report to the exporting program's project so they can fix it.
In the meantime, the xws file can be opened with any text editor and the incorrect name can be changed to what xhud is looking for.
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