Commit 96462b3f authored by sirjorj's avatar sirjorj Committed by GitHub

*sigh* you always notice the mistakes right after you push...

parent 2e3f544a
......@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ Download the latest build and extract it in your home directory. The build files
|`xhud/` |A folder containing everything
|`xhud/LICENSE` |Licenses for all the parts that make this work
|`xhud/xhud` |The program itself
|`LICENSE` |Licenses for all the parts that make this work
|`xhud/fonts/` |A folder for the required fonts
|`xhud/fonts/Squarish Sans CT Regular SC.ttf` |The text in the generated images
|`xhud/fonts/xwing-miniatures.ttf` |The game sybols
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