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......@@ -10,9 +10,7 @@ xhud is a command line utility for[FFG]'s https:/
* Generate an image from a squad
* Run a game of two squads, allowing the user to tweak states (shields, hull, enables, etc) for each ship to provide live stats for live streaming a game
xhud has been developed on various Unix-based systems (macOS, BSD, linux). If you know enough to want to run it on linux, you can probably just build it yourself. To run it on macOS, use the latest build from below.
I wanted to have a Windows build as well, but it turns out that Windows is a garbage OS that does not support sane build environments. After blowing a few days trying to get anything to build (Windows has no stdio.h!), I decided to stop wasting my time on this crappy platform. While I have gotten it to work in that Ubuntu/bash feature in Windows 10, it is kind of a pain to do so. The best bet is to use linux in a virtual machine and have xhud generate the images in a shared folder. I have done with with VirtualBox as the VM and OBS as the streaming program and it worked just fine. I may document this at some point.
xhud has been developed on various Unix-based systems (macOS, BSD, linux). Binary builds are available for macOS and linux (see below). The linux builds can be run in Windows 10 using[Bash on Windows].
== Source
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