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README examples show what to do in Bash on Windows

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......@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ Download the latest build and extract it in your home directory. The build files
Open up a terminal and switch to the xhud directory (cd xhud). You can now use xhud to do things.
NOTE: If you are using Bash on Windows, your Windows home directory will be available at /mnt/c/Users/*username*, so to switch to the xhud directoy, type 'cd /mnt/c/Users/*username*/xhud', where *username* is your windows username.
|`./xhud` |Print version, usage, and options
|`./xhud check` |Check to make sure the required fonts are in place
......@@ -83,6 +85,15 @@ Anyway, once you have this in place, open the terminal, cd to the proper folder
./xhud run ../squads/babyblues.xws ../squads/palpaces.xws ../xhud_out
The equivalent line on Bash on Windows would be
./xhud run /mnt/c/Users/*username*/squads/babyblues.xws /mnt/c/Users/*username*/squads/palpaces.xws /mnt/c/Users/*username*/xhud_out
(Assuming the 'xhud', 'squads', and 'xhud_out' directories are in your Windows home folder.)
Assuming the everything was entered correctly and the squads were valid, a game will be started. In the xhud_out directory, you will find p1.png and p2.png. These are the images to add to your streaming/recording program. I use OBS and put p1.png on the left and p2.png on the right. With OBS, when an image is overwritten, it will automatically refresh on screen, so that's all you have to do.
When the game starts, you are presented with a simple prompt. This is how you issue commands to change the game state. A '?' command will show you a list of options, and a 'qqq' command will exit the game. To change game state, you tell it what to do by passing in command codes. The basic syntax of these is:
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