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== Configuration
When xhud starts it reads a optional configuration file, *.xhud.config*, stored in your home directory.
When xhud starts it looks for an optional configuration file, `~/.xhud.config`. (NOTE: that is a file called `.xhud.conf` stored in your home directory).
=== Settings
==== Set a standard output file
Setting: run.outfile
Parameter = [PATH]
| Example | run.outfile = ~/hud.png
This file consists of key-value pairs stored in the format `key=value`. If a setting is not in the .xhud.conf file, xhud will use its default value. A setting can be disabled by putting a `#` at the start of the line
==== Automatically disable pilots when hull reaches 0
Setting: run.autodisable
Parameter: yes
=== Settings
[cols="2,1, 1,6", options="header"]
| Example | run.autodiable=yes
| Setting | Type | Defaut | Description
| `run.autodisable` | BOOL | no | "yes" to autodisable the pilot when hull reaches zero
| `run.multiimage` | BOOL | no | "yes" generate separate images for player1 and player2 - if set, outfile should be a directory and zhud will generate p1.png and p2.png
| `run.outfile` | PATH | "" | the output image path commonly specified when you run `./xhud run` - if it is set here, you do not need to include it in the command when you run xhud
| `run.title` | STRING | "" | an optional title to draw on the top center of the overlay
==== Create independent overlays for each pilot
=== Examples
The following example `.xhud.conf` file will:
Setting: run.multiimage
* auto-disable a pilot when its hull reaches zero
* generate a single overlay image (because run.multiimage=yes has a `#` in front of it so it is ignored)
* generate an output image called `hud.png` in your home directory (unless you specify a different one when you run the `./xhud run` command)
* put a title on your overlay
Parameter: yes
| Example | run.multiimage=yes
run.title=My Awesome X-Wing Stream
== FAQ
=== _I tried running xhud but got an 'Unknown ship' error (such as `Unknown ship (kestal/imperial/tieaggressor)`). What does this mean?_
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