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### Nyarlathotep (Professor Clemmons)
Nyarlathotep is also known as the crawling chaos. It is an evil god that can shape-shift into over a thousand different forms. The character was first found in Lovecraft’s poem titled Nyarlathotep. It was published in 1920 and is part of the original Lovecraftian canon. This being also appeared in a few other stories published throughout the years. This beast is so scary that like the sight of a basilisk, one glance is enough to drive a man insane. When it assumes the form of a human, it turns into an Egyptian Pharaoh. Under the auspices of humanity, this sinister man reels in followers with his slick tongue and turn of a phrase.
### Margaret Clemmons
Margaret is the wife and assistant of Professor Clemmons. She has died, and been resurrected by the professor many times throughout history. This time, she was burned at the stake, and the professor is having difficulty finding her soul. He fears that she has gone hollow, and cannot return.
Margaret shows signs of psychopathic tendencies. She sees people as toys and gets great joy out of toying with them. She seems to think of people as some kind of pet, and doesn't seem to realize that they find her violent behavior perturbing.
Margaret maintains a garden full of body parts - heads, fingers, toes - and she is able to create new life from these parts. In fact, it was with this garden that the professor created The Fold.
## Enemies
### Deep One
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