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  • v1.0-rc1   Release candidate 1 for version 1.0
    f01e0bdb · update goals for v1.0 ·
  • v1.1-rc1   v1.1 Release Candidate 1
  • v1.1-rc2   v1.1 Release Candidate 2
    b98654f9 · fixes #9 ·
  • v1.1-rc3   v1.1 Release Candidate 3
    69577992 · add test for vmail gid ·
  • v1.1-rc4   v1.1 Release Candidate 4
    3d2f41de · jbboehr's fix for #21 ·
  • v2.0-rc1   v2.0 Release Candidate 1
    dcd73f59 · update readme for v2.0 ·
  • v2.0-rc2   v2.0 Release Candidate 2

    v2.0 Release Candidate 2

    Changes from v2.0 Release Candidate 1

    • Add IMAPS and POP3/SSL port options
    • Improve documentation
    • Multiple Bug fixes

    How to migrate from v2.0 RC 1

    No changes needed.

    Special Thanks

  • v2.0   v2.0

    SNM v2.0

    Changes from v2.0 Release Candidate 2

    • Add per user sieve support (thanks @eqyiel)
    • Smaller refactoring

    How to migrate from v2.0 RC 2

    No changes needed.

    You may want to take advantage of the new sieve implementation though.

  • v2.0.1   SNM v2.0.1
    84e39403 · update readme v2.0.1 ·

    Bugs fixed

    • Dovecot automatically subscribes to folders created by sieve
    • Stale documentation and comments

    New Features

    • Introduces aliases field to loginAccount attribute set
    • Moves virtualAliases to extraVirtualAliases
    • Deprecates virtualAliases
  • v2.0.2   SNM Version 2.0.2
    85217621 · update readme for v.2.0.2 ·

    This is a bug fix release

    Notable changes

    • Using certificateScheme = 3 now opens port 80.
    • the postfix hostname is now set to the fqdn.
    • Many bugs in documentation have been fixed

    Thanks to everyone using SNM, reporting errors and sending patches!

  • v2.0.3   SNM Version 2.0.3 Introduces a catchAll option
    52ffc5ef · update readme catchAll ·

    Adds a catchAll option to the loginAccounts structs.

  • v2.0.4   SNM Version 2.0.4
    67cdb360 · update readme v2.0.4 ·

    This is a bug fix release.

    Thanks to @eqyiel the catchAll feature now forwards only the mail it is supposed to.

  • v2.1-rc1   SNM Version 2.1 - Release candidate 1
    6dd51d6e · add quota test ·

    This version adds a quota entry to the mail system. In order to accomplish this, the users are not system users anymore, but rather are listed in a passwd file.

  • v2.1-rc2   SNM v2.1 Release Candidate 2
    ba4eaed6 · related to #52 ·
  • v2.1   SNM Version 2.1
  • v2.1.1   SNM Version 2.1.1
    82823a40 · v2.1.1 readme update ·

    SNM Version 2.1.1

    I'm happy to announce a new stable version of SNM. The contributor list is growing, now featuring

    @eqyiel @jbboehr @phdoerfler @erosennin @dotlambda @griff @geistesk @matthewbauer @Infinisil @danbst

    Thanks everyone!


    • SNM in version 2.1 switches from system users to virtual users. In principle upgrading should be smooth, however


      If you rely on email accounts being system users, consider staying on SNM v2.0.4 or adding the mail accounts as system users.

    • If you have more than 100 Gb of mails in your post boxes, you'll need to add a quota field to your account (see below: New Features - Quotas)

    • If you use Dovecot 2.3 you can to specify the diffie-hellmann bit length via

        dhParamBitLength = 2048;

      The default is 2048 should be fine. If you want extra security you can specify 4096 but be aware that it can take a very long time to create the file.

    New Features

    • Quotas: You can now specify how much disk space each mail account is allowed to use.

       loginAccounts = {
           "user1@example.com" = {
               hashedPassword = "...";
               aliases = [ ... ];
               quota = "50M";

      The above snippet allows user1@example.com to store up to 50 Mb of data in her post boxes. Valid units are k/M/G/T with the obvious meanings. If left blank it will default to a quota of 100 Gb.

    • Manage Sieve: You can now optionally allow your users to change, add, remove sieve scrips via Dovecot's manage sieve by setting

      enableManageSieve = true;

      This should work with standard mail clients such as Thunderbird. It will open port 4190 in the firewall of your sever.

      Thanks @erosennin

    Bug fixes

    • Improved / fixed documentation
    • Add DNS resolver to stop rspamd from complaining
    • Avoid installing clamav if virus scanning is turned off
    • Add support for dovecot 2.3 (nixos-unstable)
    • Tests have been cleaned up
  • v2.1.2   SNM Version 2.1.2
    5d169c3e · fixes #88 ·

    SNM Version 2.1.2

    This is a bug fix release

    Bug fixes

    • Create certificate directory for dh file
    • Don't recreate dh file if it exists
    • Set correct host for quota service
    • fix sieve script directory owner for new virtual users

    Thanks all!

  • v2.1.3   SNM Version 2.1.3
    6bdfdca0 · fix typo ·
  • v2.1.4   SNM Version 2.1.4
    b8314865 · version update ·
  • v2.2.0   SNM Version 2.2.0 Update for Nixos 18.09

    SNM Version 2.2.0

    Release for Nixos 18.09

    New Features

    • rejectSender: Allows to reject email addresses or complete domains. For documentation on this feature, see default.nix and the comments therein. Thanks to tokudan!

    Bug fixes

    • Remove dh file creation (done upstream)
    • remove deprecated rspamd.socketActivation

    Thanks to everyone that has contributed!