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Get info
You might want to see what's going on, especially if you are running
**hcprequestanalytics** against a huge database.
Queries running
As the queries are running in parallel, you will receive info about its success
(or fail) once the query has ended. To find out which queries are running at the
moment, you can run this command in a second session::
$ lsof 2>/dev/null | grep '__\*'
hcpreques 602 sm 16u REG 1,5 0 5461618 \
hcpreques 603 sm 17u REG 1,5 0 5461730 \
In this example, the string ``I_am__*clientip_httpcode*__pbxvbswl`` in the last field of the
output indicates that process 602 (the second field) runs the
``clientip_httpcode`` query.
Disk space used for tmp indexes
To find out how much disk space is used for temporary database, you can run::
$ lsof 2>/dev/null | grep /wherever/you/have/enough/space
hcpreques 602 sm txt REG 1,2 5301620171 26454 /wherever/you/have/enough/space/etilqs_rrlN0dgfFfwQg9E
hcpreques 602 sm 18u REG 1,2 5302781691 26454 /wherever/you/have/enough/space/etilqs_rrlN0dgfFfwQg9E
hcpreques 603 sm txt REG 1,2 1256108032 26456 /wherever/you/have/enough/space/etilqs_7QxuTtMv8AtPYnw
hcpreques 603 sm 19u REG 1,2 1256108032 26456 /wherever/you/have/enough/space/etilqs_7QxuTtMv8AtPYnw
You will have to replace ``/wherever/you/have/enough/space`` by the tmp folder
you are using for the tmp database indexes.
The 7th field will tell you how many bytes are actually used for this single
tmp database index. The 2nd field will tell you the pid of the process running
the query using this tmp index.
BTW, you will **not** see the files containing the indexes in the filesystem,
and they will not be accounted for when using the ``df`` or ``du`` commands.
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