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    • Abhishek Singh's avatar
      Wlan: Optimize set key part to reduce the set key time · 8a939ad0
      Abhishek Singh authored
      In set key due to error prints in default case, some delay is
      observed and thus the frames are received before keys are set
      in firmware are dropped. These dropped frames results in failure
      of HS2.0 certification.
      To fix this reduce the log level of the unnecessary error prints.
      Change-Id: Ia95cea32dce030925acda4eeac328b831216d874
      CRs-Fixed: 970685
    • Hu Wang's avatar
      wlan: Fix null mac address check in WDA · e540bb25
      Hu Wang authored
      Driver failed to join AP with specific BSSID(eg. 00:00:00:00:00:03).
      The reason is WDA_IS_NULL_MAC_ADDRESS only checks the first 4 bytes
      of mac address, due to which AP's BSSID failed the check, hence WDA
      returned the join failure.
      Fix WDA_IS_NULL_MAC_ADDRESS to check all 6 bytes of mac address.
      Change-Id: Ifda6d6ada80a5197e56893e30061f48e418ba041
      CRs-Fixed: 1029543
    • Hanumanth Reddy Pothula's avatar
      wlan: Return updated rssi value to upperlayer · a8a766ce
      Hanumanth Reddy Pothula authored
      On rssi request from wext interface, get updated rssi value from
      firmware. So that host can send updated rssi to upper layer,
      instead of stale value.
      Change-Id: I8443fbdc9ace1f15caf2df22c1b337eaf54823ac
      CRs-Fixed: 1033997
    • Selvaraj, Sridhar's avatar
      wlan: Update qie_age->age to match the BSS age in the driver · 73478c60
      Selvaraj, Sridhar authored
      Lowi expects the timestamp of bss in units of 1/10 ms. In driver all bss
      related timestamp is in units of ms. Due to this when scan results are sent
      to lowi the scan age is high.
      To address this, send age in units of 1/10 ms.
      CRs-Fixed: 1075045
      Change-Id: Id0a5794357a232105352c1b38d1ce404eabcc4fd
    • SaidiReddy Yenuga's avatar
      wlan: Increase the Wait for key timer value · 847bb8ea
      SaidiReddy Yenuga authored
      qcacld-2.0 to prima propagation
      The wait for key timer value in the driver should
      be greater than that of supplicant.
      Hence increasing it to 15 seconds.
      CRs-Fixed: 919403
      Change-Id: I5d6e8d445ab9dcef73b923595f41564e0a6e3c6e
    • SaidiReddy Yenuga's avatar
      wlan: Disconnect the session when WaitForKey timer expires · 9d383d11
      SaidiReddy Yenuga authored
      Currently HDD is blocked as STA is in connected state and EAPOL
      exchange get timed out.
      After EAPOL exchange getting timed out driver should
      disconnect the session so that HDD is unblocked and can process
      subsequent scan requests.
      Fix this by issuing disconnect when WaitforKey timer expires.
      Change-Id: Ieff88735524d7572c037b22249dfae6471655059
      CRs-Fixed: 981619
    • Deepthi Gowri's avatar
      wlan: Use system time instead of jiffies for BSS received time · f794d1e3
      Deepthi Gowri authored
      During late suspend jiffies will not be incremented. Because of this
      scan results are not age out as the delta of current time and the BSS
      received time is not correct.
      To address this, use the system time instead of jiffies for the
      BSS received time and also make sure to use system time in all
      other functions.
      CRs-Fixed: 1018460
      Change-Id: Ia14b84f1039dc4ffec6ad63550fed21e932f8012
    • Padma, Santhosh Kumar's avatar
      prima: Reduce expiration time of traffic timer during roaming · a8bee884
      Padma, Santhosh Kumar authored
      Currently, traffic timer started for 8secs after successful connection to
      allow for key completion and DHCP. As there is no DHCP during roaming,
      this delay is not required. So, stop this timer during roaming and start a
      timer of minimal duration to allow STA to enter power save immediately
      after key completion.
      Change-Id: I6c6111fc1aacb524da463914d357710a7f125f4a
      CRs-Fixed: 868916
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