Commit a1429d6f authored by Nick R. Papior's avatar Nick R. Papior
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Removed entroy print outs from pexsi defs

Simple removal of output which where debugging statements
for the PEXSI method.
parent ecbf8421
...@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ ...@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@
$ maxnh, numh, listhptr, listh, $ maxnh, numh, listhptr, listh,
$ H, S, qtot, Dscf, Escf, $ H, S, qtot, Dscf, Escf,
$ ef, Entropy, temp, delta_Ef) $ ef, Entropy, temp, delta_Ef)
if (ionode) write (6,"(/a,f14.6)") 'Entropy/k:', Entropy
endif endif
if (.not. SIESTA_worker) RETURN if (.not. SIESTA_worker) RETURN
#endif #endif
...@@ -180,9 +179,6 @@ c$$$ & S, 'S.matrix') ...@@ -180,9 +179,6 @@ c$$$ & S, 'S.matrix')
& occtol, iscf, neigwanted) & occtol, iscf, neigwanted)
Ecorrec = 0.0_dp Ecorrec = 0.0_dp
PreviousCallDiagon=.true. PreviousCallDiagon=.true.
if (ionode) write (6,"(/a,f14.6)") 'Entropy/k:', Entropy
elseif (isolve .eq. SOLVE_ORDERN) then elseif (isolve .eq. SOLVE_ORDERN) then
if (.not. gamma) call die("Cannot do O(N) with k-points.") if (.not. gamma) call die("Cannot do O(N) with k-points.")
if ( spin%NCol .or. spin%SO ) if ( spin%NCol .or. spin%SO )
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